Our activities for younger people  

Sunday Worship

Children are welcome at our Sunday services. Sometimes they will enjoy their own session whilst  mum and dad worship in Church and on other days they can enjoy craft activities related to the worship whilst staying in church

 Junior  Craft Club

On Monday’s during term time  the Church runs a late afternoon craft club where between 15 and 20 youngsters aged between 5 and 11 rush from the local Junior school at the end of afternoon to join this lively group. – most children do not have a Church connection. The  children engage in short term and larger craft projects and are refreshed by juice and biscuits during the afternoon. Each session is ended with a story and prayers which the children really enjoy. There is often a waiting list to join this group – ‘Junior Church on a Monday’ after school !

The club begins again on May 8th 2017. and runs during Term times though to July 2017 . There is a small charge of £10 for each term to cover the cost of materials or £2 per session.

some of the craft ideas 

 Messy Church

Meets every six weeks or so and takes a bible or church celebration theme. The sessions start at 3.30pm after school has ended and begin with a simple snack meal for children and their parents who are also encouraged to attend with their children. After this there are five or six craft activities to chooses from all based around the theme for the day which occupy the children until story time. Sometimes with the aid of video clips or music, a familiar story from the bible is told in language which children understand.


The next Messy Church will be on May 22nd 2017: Treasures Click this link to find out more

What happens at Messy church - feedback from some of the younger members

Feedback from Messy church 4/07/16

Theme 'Around the world'

Lucy had been asking to go to Messy church since 9am on arrival she gave one of the leaders a great big hug saying we’re here now so you can start!. Isaac (age 4) asked to write his own name sticker. Freya explained proceedings to Jessica (aged 10) as it was her first time at Messy church and made sure Jessica had a bag to put her crafts in. Jessica was thrilled to see her classmate there (her first time too.) Later Jessica said I really liked Messy church it was fun.

All enjoyed the food-favourite item was Jaffa cakes and Pringles. Charlie bit his Jaffa cake to make a moon shape. Listening to the story Ian said later-Jesus died but when we sang he flew up to the balcony, (a model Jesus had been pulled up on rope)

Freya (6) remembered Jesus friends were sent to tell the good news all over the world she later told Mummy we made flip flops as that is what Jesus friends wore on dusty roads.

Asked favourite activities Charlie said, ’the biscuits, we ate them after our dinner’. Freya liked making flip flops, Isaac and I tried them on at home. Ian wants to take his flip flops on holiday.

Eliza (3) liked making, the green paper aeroplane which was taken to preschool the next morning where Eliza told the staff  that a helper at Messy Church helped me make this at messy church. At preschool she had painted a picture of Jesus climbing up a ladder all in grey paint and remembered from the smarties biscuits which they decorated at Messy church and wrote Jesus loves me, she could now spell and write Jesus. When I told Mummy about preschool she said Eliza told them in full detail about Messy church and when talking about the biscuit craft she had said the lady said write 'Jesus loves' me on the smarties but Elizah had told her I already know Jesus loves me !

Eliza had chosen to do the flip flop craft at the very end but as we had to leave she had to be persuaded to take beads to make the second flip flop at home apparently Daddy was allocated the task of helping make the second flip flop with her which took some time as Eliza insisted the pattern of beads, shape and size was identical to the first flip flop as Mummy said virtually impossible as the two flip flop templates had been cut out by Eliza herself. When she had finished she tried them on and the inevitable happened the one Daddy made broke!!! Eliza went into meltdown saying I should have had longer at messy church!!

Jessica: I liked blowing different coloured paint on the world map and making the catapult. Jessica couldn’t resist eating her decorated biscuits on the way home.

Lucy had decided she liked the coloured bands used to make her catapult and on the journey home took her catapult apart (much to Charlie's concern) twisted the coloured elastic bands on her fingers saying I’m going to get Mummy to plait my hair with these.

Lucy had used her microphone craft she made at Messy church to sing he’s got the tiny little baby in his hands which was her favourite bit of the song, .Ian’s painting was still wet but he had insisted on carrying it into the house, Mummy told him he might get blue paint everywhere and he replied it doesn’t matter Daddy likes blue.

Lucy asked as we got out the car-when is it Messy church again? All the children had a lovely time.

Thank you to all who helped at Messy church.

   Dance Café

To support the Dance  school which meets on a Saturday in the Church Hall, church members provide hot drinks and bacon rolls to waiting parents while they chat to each other in the Church hall lounge. Not only does this raise funds for the Charity, but also provides an opportunity to talk with non-church goers.

Funds raised during 201/6 for Wingspan ( a charity which supports ex-offenders into work) raised £815

This year the charity chosen for Dance Café is:

Mary's Meals

Every child deserves an education – and enough to eat. 

"Our vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.Working together with those who share our vision, we believe there is no good reason why this cannot be realised."

See also our service recording for 25th September to see the video of their work click here

As at April 2017 we have raised £650