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Our new Minister Revd..Abe Konadu-Yiadom was welcomed into our church at a packed welcome service held at Trinity church on  September 6th 2015 and held her first service at Broomfield on 13th September  2015 which was a covenant and communion service.

EDITION 22/01/17

BROOMFIELD METHODIST CHURCH-The church wishes everyone a happy and joyous year in 2017 .A big thank you to all in the Broomfield community who supported the events during Advent and Christmas.. The torchlight procession concluding in a Christmas celebration of poems,carols and a play  with support from the Silver band was an event many enjoyed Thank you to all the local stores who supplied refreshments for the torchlight procession.


.It was lovely to see so many children at the church  afternoon family service where children created nativity scenes and decorated a Christmas tree.The children decorated baubles,trees and made Christmas cards.


The baptism of baby Joseph was a very special service as his whole family celebrated his birth and the start of his life journey .


All our church activities are on the website www.broomfieldmethodistchurch.co and we hope to meet you in 2017 .

EDITION 26/01/17

BROOMFIELD METHODIST CHURCH-messy church will take place on Monday 6th February 3.30-5pm with refreshments, crafts and a story. All welcome


Sunday Morning services are at 10.30am where you will find a warm welcome and be served after the service with refreshments


.The service on Sunday 22nd January was led by Clive Pickett and Dianne Hodgkinson on the theme of follow me, The service incorporated activities for young people with the opportunity to fish to create a bible verse and engage in craft activities making fish.

Church activities can be found on the website www.broomfieldmethodistchurch.com.

EDITION 9/02/17 


On Sunday 5th February it was lovely to see so many friends and family support those new members joining the church and transferring membership from other churches.Rev Tony Shrimpto n led the service presenting three roses in various stages of bloom with the question-are these perfect yet. Young people assisted the congregation in decorating a large church picture full of decorated fish to complement earlier services on I i will make you fishes of men. You can listen to church services via the church website www.broomfieldmethodistchurch.com. Messy church took place on February 6th with a theme on smell-the children had refreshments ,a story and engaged in crafts including making a pizza and decorating a heart with love heart sweets

EDITION 9/03/17

Broomfield Methodist Church-church anniversary. It was lovely to welcome so many to the church anniversary church on Sunday 5th March service led by a guest speaker Rev Paul Wilson.Rev Paul gave an inspirational talk on how we need to seek help to get us through the wilderness and how we should unite as one body.Rev Paul told the story of the skylark who swapped a feather for words from man until such time he had swapped all his feathers for words but was unable to complete his mission to fly. He had chosen his own destiny .


Children engaged in crafts of decorating birthday cakes then blew candles on a cake to share with the congregation. The service was followed by a lunch and then the AGM and again Rev Paul gave an inspirational talk mentioning that messy church, street pastors and up and coming events such as an over sixties youth group will lead to others feeling they belong to a church.

You will find a warm welcome to all church activities including house groups, Tuesday guild, spud and pud please find details on the website www.broomfieldmethodistchurch.com