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Quiz evening 

Thursday January 21st 8pm

The Church is now closed for worship until the current situation eases. Now more than ever its important to stay in touch with each other.  We are trying to organise a social evening for us all..

The thought is to hold a quiz evening which is light hearted ( not too difficult questions) and which gives the possibility of chatting to each other over ZOOM. The church has subscribed to an account which enables group meetings of any length so we can do this.

Teams can be arranged in 3/4 people and there is a way, by use of prearranged 'Chat rooms',in which conversations cannot be overheard by other teams.Then all come together to hear the answers.

Although single households can take part, the more internet ready devices you have in the house, the more we can mix up teams.You can download ZOOM onto a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You will need a camera and microphone if using a computer ( these are usually built in to tablets and laptops)

No prizes for the winning team, No pressure to get the answers right, just a fun evening. Coffee and biscuits served from your own kitchen at half time!

If you are interested please register below. We will need at least twelve participants to make this worthwhile so even if you have never taken part before in such events please sign up and keep our fellowship links.

ZOOM Quiz registration

I am interested in taking part in an online ZOOM quiz evening

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 There are other people(excluding me) in my household who would like to join in on separate devices and in a separate team (you will need to be in separate rooms!)

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Please check this box if able to join in on Thursday January 21st 8pm  

 By 14th January please