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Return to worship consultation


 A consultation has been sent to everyone on our church's community roll. If you know of anyone who does not have access to the internet and thus the church website, please let us know by e-mailing Broomfield Methodist Church.. Whilst we would ideally like your printed form to be returned by e-mail or post, we recognise that not everyone has a printer to enable this so here are the comments sections of the survey for you to complete and submit for the Church Leadership Team to consider.

Your name


It is unlikely more than 35 persons (at 1 metre) would be able to attend our church services and might also have to wear face coverings.

Would you be happy at being asked to use the gallery seating if the church seats are taken?

No-one is keen on face coverings but would you wear one if required to enable distancing
of 1 metre?

Worshipers aged over 70 are considered to be at greater risk and are still being recommended to stay away from church services. However other than for those required to ‘shield’ themselves until August 1st at home, this is a personal risk decision.

What would your intention be?

And what would determine your return?

Social distancing of the congregation could recognise household ‘bubbles’ but each ‘bubble’ will be at least one metre distance from other households at all times. This means there must be no physical contact at all after the service.

 This would mean assigned seating. How would you feel about this?

The congregation will be asked to stagger arrival times to avoid queuing at the entrance, by household preferably in say four, five minute time slots prior to start time. 

This may mean a slightly longer wait for entry into church whilst people sanitise their hands. Are you happy to queue if necessary?

A one way entry and departure flow for worshipers will be in place and once seated folk must not wander around the church talking to others. 

Are you comfortable at being seated immediately and only being able to speak with those immediately adjacent to your assigned seat?

Children would have to stay with parents and have limited space to wander. Sadly this is a Government requirement.

Can you think of any way we could welcome children into our services safely?

Would you be willing to help with this?

Would you be happy to play your part in helping to ‘sanitise the church and the toilets after the service/ each use? This is a most important requirement is the Church may need to be ‘deep cleaned’. 

 Would you be prepared to help with this cleaning if proper Protective equipment is available for your use?

Unfortunately, neither the singing of hymns or songs, nor playing of wind-blown instruments will be permitted. It is likely that You Tube hymns will be played without congregation participation.

Methodism was ‘born in song’ so how do you feel about this? Would it deter your attendance?

Would substituting other music or videos enhance our worship until we could recommence singing?

Our hymn and service books will have to be removed from use unless you brought your own.

The congregation will remain seated if staying for coffee which will be delivered to their seat and must not circulate around the congregation.

Do you have difficulty using the projected images?

The Congregation must leave the building after service without having personal contact with others not from their own household
Would you agree to sacrificing conversations with all but your immediate neighbour seated in church?

About our Online services

After having read the above what are your views about online services

Do you take part in Sunday morning live You Tube services? 

Watch it later? 

If you do not have internet would you like services delivered on a DVD later in the week?

Are you one of the over 300 people catching up online with the service later at your later convenience? 

On return to Sunday worship, would you still welcome online services (even though they may not be live as preachers are taking planned services)? 

What comments would you like to make about on-line services?

Having read the above, will you be likely to attend our church services ( please answer with your preference::

·         Immediately


·         After the next round of easing of restrictions on worship 


·         When the ‘R’’ number indicates lower community circulation


·         When I receive a vaccine against Covid 19