Broomfield Methodist Church, Chelmsford


  Our activities for younger people  

Sunday Worship

Children are welcome at our Sunday services and they can enjoy craft activities related to the worship whilst staying in church.

 Pizza at Church evening Thursday evenings every fortnight

The meeting designed for young people between the ages of 11 - 16. It is an informal evening running from 6.30 - 8.30pm. The idea is to get young people interested in talking to each other about things that matter to them. There will be minimal adult intervention ( although there will be helpers cooking pizza and making sure everything runs smoothly) enquire about dates of meeting 01376 349780 (David or Dianne)

 Messy Church

Meets every month (usually the last Monday in the month) from September through to July. Messy Church takes a bible or church celebration theme. Messy Church starts at 3.30pm after school has ended and begins with a simple snack meal for children and their parents, who are also encouraged to attend with their children. A story from the bible or other source precedes the opportunity to take part in  five or six craft activities to choose from, all based around the theme for the day. Sometimes with the aid of video clips or music, a familiar story from the bible is told in language and pictures which children can understand told by an experienced teacher. Children are encouraged to take part in the story telling where appropriate.

 Dates been set for the 2018/9 the next Messy Church will be on Monday July 15th then April 1st . If you would like to receive details of Messy Church events please e-mail Dianne click here for e-mail. Alternatively the date of the next Messy Church is advertised on the Messy Church poster outside the church.

   Dance Café

To support the Dance  school which meets on a Saturday in the Church Hall, church members provide hot drinks and bacon rolls for waiting parents while they chat to each other in the Church hall lounge. Not only does this raise funds for the Charity, but also provides an opportunity to talk with non-church goers.

£1456.58 was raised for 'J's Hospice in 2014

£2327.50 was raised for Water Aid in 2015

£926.50 was raised to help fund employment for ex-offenders and long term unemployed through a social enterprise in Chelmsford known as Wingspan in 2016

£1000 was raised by the Cafe and other church events for Mary's Meals in 2017

£671 was raised for Diabetes UK in 2018

£6381.58 Total raised for charities over 4 years 

This year (2018/9 )the charity chosen for Dance Café is:

The charity chosen for 2018/89 is The Maldon Refugee project. This project set up by Churches Together in Maldon seeks to provide financial and other support for families seeking refuge in this Country after fleeting war torn areas of the World. For more detail please see the February edition of Topic.

2019There are many activities run by the Community from our church premises and details of meeting times and costs are available from the leaders of those activities. You can find a list of contacts in our monthly Topic Magazine available in the church and on the TOPIC page. If you need telephone numbers please contact one of the Church leadership team..