Broomfield Methodist Church, Chelmsford

TOPIC Magazine

Each month ( other than August) the Church publishes a magazine containing articles, reports and event information from Churches together in Chelmsford. The editor is always looking for new articles to publish and you are welcome to send articles or pictures  on a Christian theme to the editor, click here for e-mail to have an article considered for inclusion

 You can view past editions of TOPIC on this page by clicking the links below.


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November 2014; December2014-January2015


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February 2016 March 2016 July/August 2016 

From August 2016 the Church piloted reduction in frequency to quarterly.

September - November 2016; December 2016 - February 2017


March - May 2017June - August 2017 September - November2017

From February 2018 after review we decided to revert to the original A4 size. Please contact Dianne if you need to access copies which are not on file.


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