Broomfield Methodist Church, Chelmsford

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Church information during the Coronavirus emergency

There can be no doubt that we have entered an extraordinary period when faith communities are being asked to consider their activities and health security of premises.

 Our church is  following guidance issued on 17th March by the Methodist Church. You can view this at  

We will be restating our regular Sunday worship on Sunday September 6th

You are advised to wear a mask at public worship.

Online worship services will continue at 10am every Sunday until further notice 

 Churches are not defined by the four walls in which they meet but are a community of Christian believers who value each other and all people we serve in our locality. We will keep this page updated with information about our church services and other information. 

As a church we have been looking at ways of developing our web site to maintain our worshiping community and to devise ways in which we can reach vulnerable groups who might not have access to the internet and our website.

follow this link to pray for our community at this difficult time.

Hirers of our church and Hall

The health and security of everyone who uses our church premises is of utmost importance. The COVID-19 outbreak as presented our community in Broomfield, as it has others across the country, with unprecedented challenges.

Update as at August 20th

As the church is now open for worship, hirers of our premises may wish to return. Please contact David Hodgkinson who is coordinating our Covid 19 response.

Hirers wishing to return will have to observe social distancing, Hygiene and produce and agree a risk assessment to minimize risk of cross infection in our community.

Prayers and thoughts for our community in this emergency can be found on our Prayers and Thoughts page

A message from Rev Mark Pengelly which asks us to be mindful of the needs of those who cannot go out. 

Our TOPIC magazine is published each month and will be posted on our Topic page

What's available online whilst our church premises are restricted?


Our Sunday services are live every week at 10am from

Deacon Ramona Samuel and Rev Mark Pengelly and Rev Barry Allen  host live prayers at 7pm on their Facebook live pages; Monday, Wednesday and Friday's. Just 10 - 15 mins holding life in perspective.


Evening prayers are led by Rev Barry Allen at  7pm which you can access at Barry's Facebook live page


 Evening prayers are led by Deacon Ramona Samuel at 7pm and can be found at facebook live


Evening prayers are led by Rev Mark Pengelly at 7pm which you can access at Marks's facebooklive page

The Methodist Church has a variety of live streamed resources on a Sunday morning which you can access by following these links on the Methodist Church website

Services can be joined from Methodist Central Hall Westminster or from Wesley's chapel