Broomfield Methodist Church, Chelmsford

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus. What started in 2016 as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer.

During the 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come (May30th - June 9th), it is hoped that everyone who takes part will

As part of our preparations for the 11 days of prayer the following service led by Deacon Ramona Samuel introduces the initiative to Broomfield. You can listen to the service by clicking here and here. When Ramona announces the video the video by Dr Krish Kandiha  during the service, pause the recording and click on the following link to You Tube at

Broomfield Methodist Church will be open for our Prayer even on:

 Saturday June 1st between 10am and 4pm

Please come and join in prayer For your family, friends and community

It is our prayer that those who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and his love for the world will hear it for themselves, and respond and follow Him. Specifically, we again invite each and every Christian across the country to pray that God’s Spirit might work in the lives of 5 friends who have not responded with their ‘Yes’ to God’s call.